por Amy Olson1

(Instituto Universitario de Lenguas Modernas y Traductores)


I believe in Life,

The Mother almighty,

Creator of the heavens and Earth.

I believe in Man, her intelligent Son,

Conceived in ardent evolution,

Who progresses despite the Pontius Pilates

And architects of oppressive dogmas

Who oppress Life and bury it.

Yet Life always rises again,

Just as Man continues on his journey towards a new day.

I believe in the horizons of the spirit:

The cosmic energy of the world.

I believe in an ever-evolving Mankind.

I believe in Life everlasting.           Amen.

1 Han participado los siguientes alumnos: Kelsey Andersen, Silvia Belegu, Daniel Díaz Talavera, Pedro Jesús López Quintana, Marina Martínez Gómez, Joseph Mesa, Pedro Javier Moya Pastor, Nina Pantelic, Joyce M. Rivera-Vallejo, Alberto I.Rodríguez Aróstegui, Yaisa Rodríguez Uceda, Weldon Rogers y Elisa Ursich.